There's Work to be Done and I'm Up for the Job!

As an active community member and a long-time resident of Niagara Falls, I know first-hand how wonderful and yet how challenging it can be here in this city. I also know this because I'm a business person who deals with the realities of Niagara Falls, not merely the picture post cards images. I see the challenges all businesses face but also the overwhelming needs of the people who live in Niagara Falls and work in those businesses.

Let's all agree that Niagara Falls is a world class destination, but let's not kid ourselves, the world is shrinking and competition--in every possible industry--is growing exponentially. We must ensure we have a collaborative 'win win' approach to tourism with a long-term sustainable strategy that incorporates the human capital now, and going forward. We must not sacrifice a broader perspective for short-term, special interests.

As a business person, I know how to balance a budget, to ensure funds are spent responsibly and how to meet deadlines. I know what it's like to hire and fire people. I also know how to read a financial statement. I want taxes to remain steady and see city hall do more with the resources it now has.

As an active member of this community, I know all too well the human side of this city. There are those struggling with the seasonal nature of employment. We need more steady job opportunities here. Those people striving to meet rising rents and facing the increased cost of housing. We need more affordable housing in Niagara Falls. All this in turn, leads to the displacement of home-grown and long-time residents. Potential employees can't find transportation late at night, while paid positions go unfulfilled. We need creative solutions to address public modes of transport.

What are we doing to foster growth and improve skill sets of working age citizens so that they may contribute more and be rewarded fairly? What support services are necessary?

We want to create a community where families can thrive and prosper, where--at the very least-- we can provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure people can get to work and businesses can fill vacancies from a qualified pool of skilled employees.

We are unique, we are special, but we also share most of the issues facing other cities. We can learn from others, and there are some things we must invent ourselves. The financial success of Niagara Falls and the social fabric are closely intertwined. My goal is find solutions that will be balanced from both perspectives.